Your Child’s First Winter Stroller Becomes a Family Heirloom

Your Child’s First Winter Stroller Becomes a Family Heirloom

A child’s first wooden sled is the stuff of memories. The pictures it generates quickly become part of an ever-growing album. But why can’t that wooden sled – that winter stroller – last until they’ve grown up, so they can take the same pictures of their own kids in that very child’s wooden sled?  


children pull sled winter toboggoanWe use hand-selected hardwoods to handcraft each wooden sled we make. We use the same woods to create a toboggan kit you and your family can build together. The quality craftsmanship is not only seen in each toboggan brought out of the workshop, but also in each wooden sled that is brought out of the family shed year after year.

An Experience Like No Other

children winter pull sled woodGet the camera ready for your little one, wrapped up cozy warm in their child’s winter stroller as you pull them through the quiet snow. As they get older, allow them to pull their precious toys and friends behind them on that same wooden sled. And when they get even older, let them be the one to continue the tradition as they pull their own children. The wooden pull sled easily becomes a family heirloom to last through generations.

Clear Value

Recently, we donated one of these heirlooms to our local Ducks Unlimited event. Sure enough, the wooden pull-behind sled helped to raise $1,000 for the cause. Ducks Unlimited helps conserve and restore wetlands, as well as manage them within North America to help many species of waterfowl thrive. We see this as a fitting partnership as our business exists to persist in the connection between man and nature: For the Love of the Land.

The wooden pull sled is perfect for kids to use now and as they grow older. It will also be perfect later on, for their little ones as well. We design our pieces to last generations and we would love to see your family grow with our family business. 


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