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Push this kicksled or ride along! Made from hardwood by the craftsmen at Northern Toboggan. Made for adults or kids, everyone can enjoy kicksledding!


If you've never used a kicksled, it's very easy to use - just kick! Similar to skateboarding, this movement is easy when you get the hang of it. Focus on gripping the handlebar (not too tightly), leaning on your opposite leg and pushing in one long motion.

  • Room for a passenger or storage
  • No-slip tread on reinforced runners
  • Collapsible for use as a sled or storage
  • Easy to use foot brake for kids & adults

Materials & Dimensions

Materials: Red Oak, Stainless Steel Hardware, 1/2" UHMW, No-Slip tread


64" length of sled runners

20" total width
16 3/4" seat width
38" height at top of handle
8" height when collapsed/folded

Shipping & Wholesale



$70 shipping for all orders shipped to the lower 48 states.


Interested in wholesale opportunities? Contact Us!


Made to Last a Lifetime

When creating a durable kicksled, you need to choose a material that can offer excellent strength properties but also has great flexibility. A hardwood like red oak provides strength, shock absorption, and flexibility. This tried and true material makes for strong sleds that withstand the elements and constant use.

Room for Passengers or Storage

Seat area provides room for a passenger or storage on your adventure.


Collapse the back to use for easy transport & storage!

Foot Brake & No-Slip Tread

Foot brake on kicksled makes it easy for kids & adults alike to stop the sled.

No-slip tread on runners for better traction. Additionally, the runners have 1/2" wide UHMW inlaid for added durability and improved tracking.

Crafted Responsibly and for a Lifetime

Our Wood Philosophy

  • Why red oak? Because of its durability, beauty and natural bending qualities. It was also the preference of the Sled Maker's mentor.
  • Our red oak is sourced responsibly and purchased from mills who we have developed partnerships with over the decades. They invest time in hand selecting "toboggan grade” boards for us which is the highest level of grading in the wood industry.


Details Matter