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1800s Toboggan


It’s quite simple – we turned back time in the workshop and handcrafted the toboggan of the 1880s. From the authentic half-circle design to the knots of the Manila rope and classic linseed oil finish, this is the downhill toboggan legends are made of. Heirloom quality construction for the purist to the modern family; the perfect piece of family history.




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The evolution of toboggans originally came from the very practical native American techniques for transporting their camp and snow gear over long distances. In the 1800s in Montreal, things changed. A group of British soldiers started using their old supply toboggans to go down Mount Royal and in no time, the downhill sled toboggan was born.

Because we value innovation, community, and winter fun, we decided to honor that pivotal moment in toboggan history by building the 1800s Toboggan. The result is an heirloom-quality snow sled that is just as much fun to use as it was 200 years ago.

To build the 1800s toboggan, we had to do a little bit of homework. Studying antique snow sleds and looking at the design of vintage toboggans, we were able to copy slight differences. Replicating the angles on the sled and the more rapid half-circle, the 1800s toboggan has a classic toboggan profile. For the construction, we used only material that would have been accessible during the 19th century. Everything we used stays true to the original old fashioned sled. From the hardware to the linseed oil to the wax cotton pad and the authentic manila fiber rope.  But more importantly, we did everything by hand, using the same techniques and the same attention to detail that toboggan craftsmen have valued for generations.  

The result is one of the best sleds for adults and kids. A timeless piece of snow sports equipment that might last another two hundred years.


  • Overall Length (including curl) is approximately 65 inches 
  • Length of Flat is approximately 55 inches 
  • Width 15.5 inches   
  • Height 10.5 inches 


  • Ash wood
  • Linseed Oil Finish 
  • Slot Drive Screws hardware 
  • Natural Fiber Manila Roping