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The Family Wood Toboggan Sled (8ft)


Northern Toboggan Co

The Family Wood Toboggan Sled (8ft)


Our largest recreational toboggan. This is the one for the whole family, the neighborhood, cousins, and long lost friends.  Without sacrificing our hallmark quality, we’ve built this sled measuring nearly seven feet from tip to tail. Three adults or four kids can fit comfortably together, but we’ve heard stories of some folks pushing the limit. To be sure, it’s not a  toboggan for the faint of heart. But with a sled like this you’ll never have to face the toboggan hill alone.


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The Family Wooden Toboggan is modeled after our original cargo Traditional Toboggans. These originals have been thoroughly tested through decades of use in the harsh Canadian North. By extending these traditional principles, we created the highest quality downhill toboggan by design, construction, materials, and beauty. It has to be to have our brand. You won't find another toboggan with a story and quality like this.

Carefully building these toboggans for downhill sledding, our Craftsman laminates every wooden toboggan crosspiece in order to withstand decades of repeated twisting. The gradual initial curl allows our downhill sled to ride higher, rather than plow into snowdrifts and in powdery conditions. We have learned from generations of craftsmen and have continued to perfect a natural bending process that allows us to use thicker boards. Constructing toboggans of red oak also provides a beautiful and durable grain perfect for winter snow sleds.

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  • Red Oak
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • White braided Dacron roping and a braided polyester for the tow rope


  • Overall Length (including curl) is approximately 91 inches 
  • Length of Flat = 75 inches 
  • Width 15.5 inches   
  • Height 15.5 
  • Weight approximately 26 Lbs

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