While not our most flashy toboggan sled, the Hand Toboggan remains one of our all-time favorites.  Unlike our Traditional and Downhill toboggans, this model has been designed for the outdoorsman that travel long distances over ground without the help of snowmobiles or sled dogs. Rather than those conventional travelers, this toboggan is for true lovers of winter solitude, also known as winter trekkers. We designed this beauty with the help of Garrett and Alexandra Conover, the authorities of winter trekking and co-authors of Snow Walkers Companion: Winter Camping Skills for the North. Their work is considered the bible for winter trekkers and we are grateful to be recommended as a provider of traditional hand toboggans in their most recent book version.

Despite their beauty and traditional roots, many diehard winter campers have moved away from wood toboggans in favor of cheaper and lighter plastic sleds. We can understand that the constant pressure to shed weight might lead some to forsake the superior durability and the beauty of our products, for less expensive alternatives that glide well with little waxing maintenance needed. Still, we have remained committed to our original construction knowing that we can only continue to be competitive if we continue to produce an exceptional product.

Customer Testimonials

With this sled, it doesn’t matter if you are spending a week cold camping, huddled next to your fire, or whether you are simply taking the afternoon to escape from the noise of everyday life. Whether you are exploring the beauty of winter woods as an observer, or whether you are trying to tap your own primordial best -- we want to make sure that you don’t think twice about the tools behind you – instead we want you to save your worries for more important things and especially for the trail ahead.