Historically, woodsmen would boil or steam wooden planks, bending the boards into a makeshift curl to better ride across the frozen north tundras.  In those days, simple ancestors of our Winter Essential wood-toboggan were pulled by hand or by dog without anything but coarse woven rope and brute strength. The right amount of bend could greatly reduce travel times allowing for heavier loads,  wider trapping territory and better connected communities. It’s in the spirit of that tradition, of simple steam bent wood, that we founded our company. In that way, The Winter Essential might be the most central of all our products.  A classic shape, an elegant curve--refined and enhanced over decades of workmanship. The Winter Essential toboggan still offers everything you need for freighting family, firewood or gear through the snow.  It's sturdy red oak construction offers only the essentials-- functionality, style, and dependability year after year.


Whether you are using this snow-sled to tow firewood through a blizzard, or for sunny-day winter camping with the family, The Winter Essential toboggan offers the most versatility for the least cost. After the first couple of uses, the bottom will naturally become polished, adapting itself to the land through work and play. With each use, the already slight resistance  will become even less noticeable. Regardless of the task at hand or the snow conditions to weather, this toboggan continues to set the standard-- cutting through the woods with easy turns, carrying heavy loads. Nothing more than the essentials.