Building on the framework of our larger, traditional wood toboggans, we crafted our Downhill Toboggan series to retain its rugged durability and utility even while catering to family use. We built a sled that can haul a chord of wood from the shed in 20 below, but more importantly, we built a sled that your parents and children and grandchildren can all use and cherish -- the type of toboggan you’d one day be proud to pass down.

Before we designed the Downhill Toboggans, the Dene people and landsmen from Northern Canada were our primary customers. Over long seasons of hard use, they rely on the Traditional Toboggan for their livelihood. As they venture across frozen barren land or the thick wooded bush, they need a tool so dependable and sturdy that it could be counted as a member of the family.

As much as many of us might fantasize, we can’t all lead the purest lifestyle of our northern clients -- we can’t afford to forsake our friends and communities to pursue those rugged horizons. However, we at Northern Toboggan Co have come to realize that even though our lifestyles are a bit less intense, we continue to find many opportunities to explore and adventure on the land.  Every day, no matter where we build our livelihood, we continue to build a unique relationship with these snow covered forests we call home. That’s why we built the Downhill Toboggan. We wanted to make sure that all of our customers, not just the backwoods survivalist, have the tools they need to enjoy their time outside exploring the north wilderness. We believe that for every family who loves the outdoors, there's room for one of our wooden toboggans.