With this Hand Sled, the overall width is 24 inches with 60 inches of length. The surface area of the sled’s deck measures in slightly smaller, at roughly 19-1/2 inches wide and 48 inches long. Much like our larger Freight Sled collection, the elevated deck allows the runners to twist and turn, forming itself to the trail. The deck is bolted down to the two solid oak runners (2-1/2 inches wide) using milled steel bridges and brackets. The result is a flexible sled that pulls smooth and easy even under heavy loads. And of course, with our signature red oak and linseed oil finish, we never compromise on the sled’s beauty.

The general consensus has been that a collapsible fish house fits well laid out flat on the sled, then on top, a tackle box or crate can rest, holding any other foods supplies and equipment. Alongside the crate, or on top of the load, a power auger can be strapped or bungeed down to the elevated deck.  Of course, the final organization of a fisherman’s outfit remains a function of individual preference. Everybody has their own perfect balance-- and we’re confident that our Hand Sled offers the support necessary.

With this sled, you get a smaller, more concentrated dose of our quality craftsmanship with the same high level of utility. A compact and lightweight sled that fits easily into a vehicle, but remains strong and stable enough to handle all the gear and equipment for a day on the ice; an easy to transport, easy to pack sled that glides over land and ice even while fully rigged. A sled that makes sure the trek out on the water is free of all worry and ripe with anticipation.