Our Traditional style toboggans are made using 4 oak boards; each 5 to 6 inches wide, 7/8 inch thick. Their total width is roughly 22 inches -- the total length, roughly 13 feet from tip to tip. 9 feet of that length sits “on the flat”, riding up against the ground, while a full 4 feet of the length is bent into our signature curl.   Depending on the amount of moisture in the wood, our sleds can weigh between 80-105 lbs. These toboggans are designed for utility as they come with a hitch crosspiece installed for our steel snowmobile hitch. A linseed oil finish is applied to the length of the wood, highlighting the grain of the wood and protecting the toboggan from the weather.

Whether you are using this toboggan sled for trapping and hunting in the rugged terrain of Northern Canada, to tow firewood through a blizzard, or for sunny-day winter camping with the family, The Winter Essential toboggan offers the most versatility for the least cost. After the first couple of uses, the bottom will naturally become polished, adapting itself to the land through work and play. With each use, the already slight resistance will become even less noticeable. Regardless of the task at hand or the snow conditions to weather, this toboggan continues to set the standard-- cutting through the woods with easy turns, carrying heavy loads. Nothing more than the essentials.