Like The Winter Essential, this sled measures roughly 13 feet long with 9 feet on the flat.  The four board base makes for a 22 inch wide platform with hardy ropes running down either side. Our craftsman’s signature linseed oil finish ensures that the wood stays sealed in from the elements, preserving its beauty and strength with very little maintenance.  As with our other toboggan sleds, the oak bottom becomes polished with consistent use and our signature curl ensures that heavy loads ride high and easy rather than pulling through stiff snowbanks. The result is a sled that tows smoothly, loads smoothly and turns easily in any variety of snow conditions.

Custom Sizes are Available

100 years ago in those storied days of White Fang and Sam McGee, a toboggan in the shed was more common and more useful than a car in the garage. Unfortunately, we can’t go back in time a century to compare our notes directly -- but outside of time travel, we've done everything possible to make sure this storied tool remains alive and well used. Through our commitment to oral tradition, our attention to detail, and our constant communication with customers, we’re fairly sure that our toboggan sleds are the most authentic product available. Go ahead, Google all you want, ask around with the old timers -- you’ll only hear the same thing. No one in the world makes a toboggan quite like ours.  This is a snow sled built for serious outdoorsmen and women -- a tool for people who embrace the winter months even when the trails are swept with harsh winds and the temperature drops well below freezing. Of course, you don't have to run the Iditarod or live off the land to be a serious outdoorsman.  You only have to ride on the back of a toboggan and feel the cold wind sweeping against your rosy red cheeks.