When we first started up our Northern Toboggan company, We had thought  about slapping our logo on any old ceramic cup, doing whatever we could to get our name out there, but we soon realized that factory made ceramic cups just aren’t our style. Fortunately, we heard about Deneen pottery in Saint Paul Minnesota. A fellow local business, family run, and employing over fifty craftsman right here in the heart of minnesota.  

Much like the toboggan, earthenware ceramics were one of human’s earliest and most enduring turns to innovation. By heating clay to ultra-hot temperatures, the molecules vitrify -- fusing together into an almost glasslike substance. The chemical change that takes place prevents water from getting underneath the surface, a simple enough reaction which turns crumbling pieces of earth into a beautiful and useful tool

The science behind potter is a little bit fancier than anything we do, but the principle is surprisingly similar -- the same  principle which drives us to produce wooden toboggans year after year.  Using simple tools with the addition of hot air and steam, we turn wooden planks into a specialized vehicle.  That's why we at Northern Toboggan refuse to take the simple things in life for granted -- We want our customers to have the best in winter-time transportation and likewise, they deserve to have the best in hot-beverage containers