Northern Toboggan Co

11 Foot Towing Toboggan


Northern Toboggan Co

11 Foot Towing Toboggan


Originally made to be pulled by a team of dogs, these sleds are equally at home behind a snowmobile, ATV, or side-by-side. The beautiful slow curl design glides easily over brush and debris. The hardy red oak construction allows for the toboggan to be oiled and re-finished as it sustains wear. In addition to an extra foot of length, this Towing Toboggan offers another 2 inches of width compared to the 10-foot version. The additional space allows for more passengers and equipment making it ideal for long hunting trips and full-family expeditions.

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Our clients of Northern Canada prefer our “non-disposable” oak boards over any fiberglass or plastic sled because they often last generations of hard use, not just a season or two. Historically, woodsmen would boil or steam wooden planks, bending the boards into a makeshift curl to better ride across the frozen north.  In those days, simple ancestors of the oak board towing wood toboggan were pulled by hand or by dog without anything but coarse woven rope and brute strength. The right amount of bend could greatly reduce travel times allowing for heavier loads, wider trapping territory and better connected communities. It’s in the spirit of that tradition, of simple steam bent wood, that we founded our company. In that way, the towing toboggan might be the most central of all our products.  A classic shape, an elegant curve -- refined and enhanced over decades of workmanship. The towing toboggan still offers everything you need for freighting family, firewood or gear through the snow.  Its sturdy red oak construction offers only the essentials -- functionality, style, and dependability year after year.

While we have standardized the most popular length and width, there are Custom Sizes Available. Just gives us a call or send and email and we'll get you the information you need!


  • Red Oak
  • Stainless steel wire
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • White braided Dacron roping


  • 13 foot red oak boards
  • 12.5 feet from tip to tail
  • 9 feet along the flat
  • 20 inches wide