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Fully Rigged Towing Toboggan


The Fully Rigged Towing toboggan comes with all the extra trimmings. Whether you are pulling a pile of grandchildren for an afternoon of trail riding, or equipment and goods for remote freighting, the hand-sewn thick canvas bag helps to secure large and irregular loads while shedding snow on trail. The curved handle backboard is a work of craftsmanship itself and can provide support for higher loads while allowing a passenger to ride along in the back. With 10 feet of length between the tip and the tail, this toboggan can fit all you need for cabin leisure and utility, or rugged exploration. Because of its versatility, longevity and beauty, this toboggan is by far the most popular among our traditional customers, first nation people, and other men and women living off the land.

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Like the standard towing toboggan, the Fully Rigged traces its ancestry from Northern Manitoba, across Saskatchewan, and up into the Yukon. In addition to the sturdy oak construction and timeless slow-curl design, this freight toboggan includes all the extras. The hand-sewn thick canvas bag helps secure large and irregular loads, shedding snow on trail and protecting your freight. The curved handled backboard can provide support for higher loads while allowing a passenger to ride along in the back. The result is a trail-ready toboggan that would make a French Canadian pioneer jealous. 

Times have certainly changed, but folks in the northern part of Canada remain some of our best customers. Some of them have been using the same toboggan for 20 years. The heavy canvas wrapping is easy to repair with a needle and thread, or can be replaced entirely once it’s worn out. With customers who depend on these old snow sleds for their livelihood, we can’t afford to cut corners. For that reason, we continue to use only the highest quality materials in our time tested process. 

Because of its slightly smaller size, this heavy-duty snow sled is sometimes referred to as a “dog sled toboggan”. Not so long ago, it would be common to see the classic profile of one of these freight toboggans towing behind a team of dogs, game bags full of caribou strapped tightly to the deck.  These days, snowmobiles are the more common choice for towing, although, up north, chasing caribou seems just as popular as ever. 

In the more southern parts of the continent, this style of heavy-duty sled has become increasingly popular in the past decade. Recognizing the value of a sturdy wood toboggan, winter enthusiasts on the east coast and across the central United States have been able to use our products for all manner of different applications. For utility, these freight toboggans can haul just about any type of equipment you can think of. For winter fun, the Fully Rigged towing toboggan can easily be converted into a backwoods snow sleigh, hauling family and friends along trails and across open fields. With years of sustained use, these toboggans can be oiled and re-finished. It’s for this reason we continue to only use premium materials. Whether you are spending a weekend up at the cabin, a day ice fishing, or just an afternoon joyriding with friends, the Fully Rigged towing toboggan promises to be a stand-by winter companion.


  • Red Oak
  • Stainless steel wire
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • White braided Dacron roping


  • 12 foot red oak boards
  • 9.5 feet from tip to tail (114 inches) 
  • 8 feet along the flat (96 inches) 
  • 18 inches wide
  • Weight
    • Toboggan - 73 lbs
    • Pack - 12 lbs
    • Hitch - 30 lbs

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