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The Box-Freight Sled


Northern Toboggan Co

The Box-Freight Sled


A true customer favorite for trapping, ice fishing, hauling firewood, pulling grand-kids, and general cabin utility. Originally designed for use in the commercial fishing industry of Northern Manitoba, its box is easy to load and able to carry tremendous weight. Made to be pulled behind a snowmobile, this sled is also home behind an ATV or side by side. The metal fasteners have been designed to flex, allowing the sled to follow smoothly behind a machine, without damaging the load. The beautiful bow handle is a creation of our founding Sled Maker and allows for a rider, while its gentle curve deflects trees and branches along narrow trails. Built using our standard of quality, this can be your last towing sled. Steel hitch included.






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With the past two centuries came the freshwater commercial fishing industry and the Klondike Gold Rush — both of these movements requiring wooden sleds that could withstand heavy twisting and repeated use even while hauling tremendous loads. From that early snowmobile-sleigh predecessor, our craftsman's mentor designed the core elements of this wooden sled for freighting. Our craftsman enhanced its beauty.

Built atop our Snowmobile Freight Sled, The Box-Freight provides pre-built hard walls to house gear and grandchildren! Our standard offering has a 75 inch long cargo box with a driving bow for a rear standing passenger and aesthetic beauty! A fan favorite for the local ice fishing community and winter cabin goers.




  • Red Oak

  • Stainless Steel Bridges

  • Enamel Coated Steel Brackets

  • High density plastic along runners


  • 30 Inches wide with 24.5 inch deck

  • 10 foot runners

  • 75 inch long cargo box