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The Classic Wood Toboggan Sled (6ft)


Northern Toboggan Co

The Classic Wood Toboggan Sled (6ft)


The classic wood toboggan is our most popular recreational toboggan. It’s small enough for an experienced rider to handle by themselves but large enough to share with the family. This toboggan sits up to two adults or three children. Featuring the same heirloom design and premium quality as all of our recreational sleds, the classic wood toboggan is built to offer winter fun for generations to come.



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The Classic is just that, your classic 6 foot wooden toboggan. The slow curl design is based on the vintage wooden sleds first used for downhill sledding in the 1800s. This version, however, has a few key updates. Unlike antique wooden sleds, it’s built for speed, beauty and function. Instead of a full circle curl, our curl bends more gradually, creating more lift, shedding snow and breaking trail more easily. The result is a traditional toboggan sled that glides downhill like a modern Bobsled— a great toboggan for both kids and for adults 

Based on the original full-size Family Wood Toboggan, this mid-size model has become a customer favorite. You can fit roughly 2 adults or 3 kids safely, which means you don’t have to wait in line before it’s your turn to go next.

Carefully building these toboggans for downhill sledding, our craftsman laminates every wooden toboggan crosspiece in order to withstand decades of repeated twisting. Using a natural steam bending process, we are able to use thicker boards, without sacrificing any part of our streamlined design. Constructing toboggans of red oak also provides a beautiful and durable grain perfect for winter snow sleds. This is truly one of the best toboggans on the market. A winter toboggan built on generations of tradition, that stays grounded is what makes sledding a hallmark of the winter season.


  • Red Oak
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • Premier roping - white braided Dacron and a braided polyester for the tan tow rope.


  • Overall Length (includes curl) is approximately 65 inches 
  • Length of Flat is approximately 51 inches 
  • Width 15.5 inches   
  • Height 15.5 
  • Weight 20 Lbs