Most of our customers who prefer this model are do-it yourself types, handymen and women who want the full potential for customization. Many of them build their own custom box-tops to fit more precise and delicate loads-- packing research equipment or insulated food supplies --while others need the open deck to stack timber and other large, irregular commodities. Most of our customers choose the Snowmobile Freight Sled simply for its open concept. They are the type of outdoors-people who take pride in a sled-load that has been perfectly stacked and perfectly bound. With this model of snowmobile sleigh, the length of one’s bungee and the breadth of one’s imagination are the only true limitations to what you can carry. 

For even more customization potential, we offer custom sizes.

Our craftsman’s brother, a builder, once asked for a Snowmobile Freight Sled to be constructed at nearly twice the size of our default model. Over the course of the winter, this massive, custom sled carried literally tons of lumber and equipment. In the past his construction business would have had to slow down the rate of production; instead with the custom Snowmobile Freight Sled, two new homes were finished in good time.

For those of us with fewer construction needs, the total width of our standard model sits around 25 inches with a 19.5 inch wide hardwood deck. The runners are 8 feet long and four inches wide up either side, attached firmly with milled steel bridges and brackets. For wear-prevention, the red oak is finished with linseed oil, and the steel brackets are given a coating of black enamel. The resulting snow sled is both beautiful and durable; able to stand up to harsh elements over generations with its flexible deck capable of hauling immense loads over winding terrain.  In the words of one customer: “The way that sled distributes weight is really an elegant thing.” 

We also offer a smaller  design for those without access to motorized towing. The design of the Hand Sled is built on the same principles as our Freight Sled, only rather than for snowmobile towing, it’s designed for personal horsepower. Whether you're a minimalist ice-fisher or you need to haul groceries on snowed in streets, the Hand Sled offers itself as a versatile tool.